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A deep dive into the world of IMC

When you start your career with us, your first 3-7 weeks, depending on your role, is spent in one of our global offices with new traders and engineers from around the world.

Our global trainee program, a combination of classroom-based courses and simulations developed in-house, will teach you everything you need so you are set for success.  

Back in your home office, you will be paired with an experienced mentor who will help you thrive in the world of IMC, ensuring you continue to grow and are challenged throughout your career. We offer a competitive salary package, and provide all the guidance you need to have an impact from day one.


What you can expect

While all new traders and software engineers around the world come together in one of our global offices at the start of their traineeship, each group has a dedicated program: the Trading Academy and the Development School. Both programs are a combination of structured technical learning, interactive games, quizzes, exams and social events, designed to prepare you for success at IMC.

We don't require any industry experience. All you need to know about financial markets will be taught during the traineeship and we really go that extra mile for you. We invest the best resources in teaching you as effectively as possible with a team of experienced traders and software engineers across all of our offices.

The first few weeks of the traineeship are spent as a global group, during which you will travel to two of our offices. Having an effective network and good relationships are really important at IMC. So this is a great chance for you to see the different parts of our business and forge friendships with colleagues.

We will pair you with a mentor who’ll help you settle in and teach you everything you need to know. You can ask anything you want so you learn all you need to get up to speed and set for success.

At IMC, we never stop learning. So, after your traineeship, we’ll encourage you to continue learning through training and development opportunities provided by IMC and external experts. We offer industry-leading personal development and skill-based training. Development opportunities range from short courses to supporting masters degrees.

Sharing is a great way to make friends so you’ll share a luxury apartment in a desirable neighborhood of Chicago - full of restaurants, activities, nightlife, etc. That will make it easy for you to plan your agenda, explore the city and meet up with colleagues. We also arrange teambuilding and social events to help you build relationships across IMC.

The traineeship is held twice per year in February/March and August/September. The Trading Academy is held over 6 weeks, followed by a local trading academy held over 7 to 9 weeks. The Development School is typically held over 5 weeks.

Our recruitment process in 4 steps

why work here
Apply Submit a job application and your resume.
Assessments If we match, you'll participate in a series of assessments.
Interviews When selected you'll be invited for several interviews.
Decision time We will review your interview and if positive, offer you a job.

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Meet the team

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"The traineeship was amazing. In my first 2 months I visited the offices in Chicago, Sydney and Amsterdam, and my colleagues very quickly became my friends."

Daniel, Trader at IMC Amsterdam
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"The traineeship was great and really helpful. I met a lot of talented people from other offices, and it was an honor to work with them. Many are experienced hires, and I got to learn a lot of good coding habits and skills from them."

Ruiqi, Software Developer at IMC Chicago
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"IMC has a great training program and is the perfect place to start your career in the financial world."

Ahmet, Quantitative researcher at IMC Chicago
IMC Chicago Office
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