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Women in Engineering
& Trading
An exclusive program designed for students looking to get a head start and accelerate their careers
Our Women in Engineering and Women in Trading programs are designed for students looking to get a head start and accelerate their careers. If you're interested in building your understanding of what Traders and Engineeers do at IMC, whilst gaining hands-on technical skills, this experience is for you.


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Women in Trading

This program will give you the chance to learn how we use math, computer science and probability to solve problems in a real-world environment.

why work here
Women in Engineering

This program will deepen your understanding of engineering at IMC through workshops, desk shadowing and networking sessions.


What you will do

Discover the world of trading and engineering at IMC through a blend of specialised trading bootcamps, insightful technology sessions, and comprehensive workshops.

Engage directly with IMC's seasoned traders and skilled engineers via desk shadowing opportunities and interactive networking sessions. These experiences are tailored to equip you with highly sought-after skills, setting you up for success in the industry.

Beyond professional growth, immerse yourself in the vibrant social life at IMC, where a variety of events and activities offer a deeper connection and understanding of the dynamic IMC community.

Who it's for

For both programs you will need to meet the following requirements: 

  • An academic background in Engineering, Math, Physics, Actuarial Science, Finance, Economics, Computer Science, Science, or equivalent.
  • A minimum Distinction average.
  • In your penultimate year of studies.
  • Studying at an Australian or New Zealand university.
  • Working rights in Australia.
  • Available to attend the program in person in April.

In case you have any questions regarding the requirements, please reach out to our Sydney recruitment team via sydcareers@imc.com

Our recruitment process in 4 steps

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Submit an application and your resume.
Your application will be reviewed by a member of our recruitment team.
If selected, you will be invited for an interview.
Decision time
We will review your interview and if positive, offer you a position in the program.