How to prepare

Aptitude assessment
For most positions we’ll ask you to complete an aptitude assessment at some point in the application process. In the invitation we’ll include test links, and before the actual test starts, you’ll have a few test questions as well. This should be plenty by way of preparation.

Home assignment
For some positions, you are asked to do a technical home assignment. This can apply for trading, tech and business support roles. Based on the experience for which you were selected, we expect you to be able to do the work without any preparation. You can always Google or use open source while you go, just make sure to make it your own.

Before you start
Preparation is everything. Before you start, make sure you read the instructions carefully, be mindful of the deadline and, if practice questions have been provided, take full advantage of them. Take enough time, make sure you’re somewhere without distractions, and that you’ve got reliable internet.

Give us your best!
What matters most is that you give us your best. Sometimes it seems that someone hasn’t really tried or hasn’t put in the necessary work. If a deadline is too tight or badly timed, do reach out to us. If we can be flexible, we will be!

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