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You’ve reached this page because you’ve just searched for something very few other people on this planet have ever searched for. You're one in a million. IMC is one of the most innovative algorithmic trading firms in the world. As such, we know exactly what you are looking for.

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We specialize in innovation in algorithmic trading. Whereas others optimize what’s already out there, we aim to gain competitive advantage by reinventing what’s possible - time and time again. Our entire culture is geared towards this single goal. We don’t just think, we do the unthinkable. 

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In the same way SpaceX pushes the boundaries of travel and Google leads the world in search, we redefine what’s possible in algorithmic trading. ​​​​​We need the world’s brightest mathematicians, traders, technologist and tacticians to help us reinvent reality.

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"No matter how busy people are, they are always happy to take the time to help you out. From day one this really made me feel like a valued member of the team."

Ethan, Trader at IMC Sydney

"To me, IMC is a huge global family - it’s awesome to be where everyone is working hard and enjoys what they do."

Markus, Software Engineer at IMC Sydney

"I’m blown away by the quality and passion at IMC. Every day I meet someone new who is brilliant."

Jordan, Trader at IMC Chicago

What we offer


Industry leading compensation of course. But that’s not why people join us. Our culture is one of a kind. There are no cogs in a giant machine that deploy once a month, only instant execution and optimization. We support risk-taking, are non-hierarchal and smile a lot. Those who join tend to stay. And those who leave tend to return. Never trust marketing copy. So check out what people say about us on Glassdoor.

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