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Before you join the exciting world of IMC, you will need to go through our recruitment process. Here’s what you can expect.

Our recruitment process in 4 steps

why work here
Apply Submit a job application and your resume.
Assessments If we match, you will participate in a series of assessments.
Interviews When selected you will be invited for several interviews.
Decision time We will review your interview and if positive, offer you a job.


For interns and Graduates we don't require any industry experience. We are hiring for your analytical/technical background. We are looking for an interest in financial markets but don't hire for experience. All you need to know about financial markets will be taught during the internship and/or graduate program. As an experienced candidate we have a higher expectation of your sector knowledge and skill set, and will evaluate you on these factors during the recruitment process.

Yes, however if it’s because you are unsure of which job to apply, you can always reach out to us. We want the right candidate for the right job and are happy to help you decide. If you still want to apply for more than one job, please keep in mind that each role has its own selection process. As you progress through our process you will need to decide for which role you are most motivated and wish to pursue.

Yes, we will. Before making arrangements, we check your availability for the interview date and your travel preferences. We’ll book flights and accommodation. If you would like to have more time to explore the city, we are happy to book you an earlier/later flight.

Yes, we know moving countries or cities is a big decision and we do all we can to assist you

Global collaboration is a high priority for IMC so we make every effort to give opportunities for traveling to our other offices [ICB1] to all our staff who have the appetite! The length and frequency of these trips will be based on a number of factors including the role, performance, team and project. All Graduates will visit at least 1 global office as part of their traineeship.

Quite often, we hear that candidates chose to apply for the internship because they felt they did not have enough experience to apply for the graduate position. It’s worth you knowing that we don't require any industry experience. We are looking for an interest in financial markets and at your analytical/technical background. All you need to know about financial markets will be taught during the internship and/or graduate program. However, if you are about to graduate and have a different reason to apply for the internship, feel free to do so.

The Traineeship is held twice per year in February/ March and August/September. The Trading academy is held over 6 weeks, followed by a local trading academy held over 7 to 9 weeks. The Development School is typically held over 5 weeks.

The internship start dates will vary between offices. APAC Summer internships will take place over the Australian Summer in a 10-week program. Europe Summer internships will run from the beginning of July until the end of September in a 12/13-week program. US internships typically run from the second week in June until the third week in August in a 10-week program.

Only in our Amsterdam office do we offer internships year-round. Once a year per office, we host a big group of students following a more structured program lasting approx. 3 months. If you want to start at another time of year, we would still love to hear from you. We can offer internships between 12 weeks and 6 months, with flexible starting dates. If you do an off-cycle internship, you will be assigned to a mentor who will oversee your work.

As an intern you will work on real projects that are intended to be used long-term at IMC.

Given that trading at IMC is automated, a significant part of a trader’s role is to optimize our trading strategies and system. A trader spends significant time using Python skills for data analysis to understand where systematic improvements to trading can be made. Traders also work extremely closely with software engineers, so it’s helpful that the trader has technical skills to communicate ideas effectively with a software engineer as they together implement new features to our automated trading environment.

Tips from our Recruiters

"Fostering our culture is very important to us! For me that means looking for humble, team players who work smart and are able to make things happen." Dorine, Talent Acquisition at IMC Amsterdam
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"Be yourself! Authenticity is important at IMC. We want to understand what truly interests you and make sure there is strong, mutual, long-term interest on both ends of the interview table." Ashley, Talent Acquisition at IMC Chicago
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