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When big thinkers with a passion for technology and trading get together they create things that define our world.
If you grow, we grow. Our graduate programs will get you up to speed as fast as possible. Work in a real team in the real market—right from the start. Continuous education is always an integral part of your job. Learn more and grow faster at
​​​​​​​IMC Trading.

IMC will be actively recruiting for graduate trader, software engineer and site reliability engineer positions. Are you interested in joining our Mumbai office? Please leave us your contact details and we will make sure to get in touch.

Why IMC?

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When you're in, you're in

We invest in our people. Because if you grow, we grow. Start your career at a solid firm that has been around for 30 years.

A true global firm Work with great minds from Oxford, MIT and Harvard. With offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney and Mumbai we attract the best talent from around the world.
Here to stay We've been growing and innovating for over 30 years. Start your career at a solid firm that is here to stay.
A deep dive into the world of IMC

When you start your career with us, your first 7 weeks is spent in two of our global offices with new traders and software engineers from around the world. ​​​​​​​

Our global trainee program, a combination of classroom-based courses and simulations developed in-house, will teach you everything you need so you are set for success.  

​​​​​​​Back in your home office, you will be paired with an experienced mentor who will help you thrive in the world of IMC, ensuring you continue to grow and are challenged throughout your career. We offer a competitive salary package, and provide all the guidance you need to have an impact from day one.