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At IMC, we run valuation based trading strategies that build on our long-proven capabilities in market making, including our world-class execution systems.
At IMC, our focus has historically been on pure low-latency execution-based trading. Over the past three decades, we have developed state-of-the-art execution systems that allow us to trade at lightning speed across numerous locations and exchanges worldwide. Together with our team’s unrivalled technical skills and algorithmic trading capabilities, our technology has made us leaders in global market making. 

Now, we are leveraging our world-class technology and trading expertise to run valuatuion based trading strategies. Our focus is on worldwide index options, and specifically leading liquid worldwide indices, including the S&P 500, the Eurostoxx 50, the FTSE 100, the DAX 30 and the Nikkei 225. Next to our strong broker network, we also provide liquidity to counterparties directly – including hedge funds, asset managers and other large market players – who want to trade in large volume offscreen. 

Our ambition

Our valuation based trading teams in Amsterdam and Sydney are growing rapidly off the back of our market making business. Our desks were established by seasoned professionals with long track records of success. From a small base, these teams have grown to include larger numbers of traders, each with their own unique background and experience. 

Our ambition is to significantly expand our valuation based trading operation over the next few years and to become a leading name in this field. As we grow, we are introducing new strategies and extending our scope to include new asset classes and product groups. 

We are looking to add new talent to support the further growth of our valuation based trading business. We welcome ambitious professionals who can add to our existing strategies and trading styles, but equally those who can bring expertise in a specific asset class or trading style. 

Analytics meets intuition

Our approach to valuation based trading is distinct from others in the marketplace. Our traders are in a unique position to leverage IMC’s world-leading market making execution systems and wider infrastructure. This allows us to place trades at a fraction of the cost of other market participants. What’s more, our valuation based trading desks work side by side with our market making desks, sharing knowledge and research and harnessing their deep analytical and technical knowhow.

Our trading teams also include a wide mix of skillsets and trading styles. Many of our traders have a technical or analytical background and may be involved in theoretical project-based work.  For others, their skillset lies in tracking the market closely on a day-by-day basis to fully understand the market dynamics, flow and positioning. This is what drives their trading decisions. Our desks make use of their diverse backgrounds and skillsets to spot opportunities and place opinionated winning trades. It’s the perfect blend of analytics and intuition.

Why join our valuation based trading team?

At IMC, we set our traders up for success; the rest is up to them. Our valuation based trading operation is small but growing day by day. By joining us, you’ll be coming into an ambitious and fast-growing team at the ground level. 

You may be a seasoned trader with an established strategy or expertise in a particular product group; someone able to pass on your experience to those around you while still managing a successful book. Or you may be at an earlier stage in your career who can add to our existing strategy and way of working. 

Whatever you’re experience or background, IMC can offer you an entrepreneurial culture where the focus is firmly on growing and improving – both as a professional and a team. You’ll have full scope to shape your own career, manage your own book, and reap the financial benefits of your hard work.

Looking for a new opportunity in Amsterdam or Sydney? Read on to hear more about our valuation based trading activities in your region.

Our Amsterdam office

From a small base, our Amsterdam valuation based trading desk has grown rapidly after a number of very successful years. Our teams focus on trading index options, including volatility futures and options, though we are constantly exploring new asset classes and areas of opportunity. 

Our headcount is now well into double figures, and we plan to expand our team several fold over the next few years. A number of our valuation based traders have a theoretical background and are involved in fundamental analysis and other project-based work. Others favour a more intuitive trading style. 

Our Amsterdam traders are supported by a small team of dedicated macro analysts, and also leverage the technology and knowhow of our well-established market making business.

Our Sydney office

IMC’s Sydney office has a dedicated valuation based trading desk that draws together colleagues with a wide range of backgrounds and trading styles. Many team members join us from other IMC teams, including our market making desks. Others have enjoyed successful careers at leading firms in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Our team operates around a flexible structure. Some of our traders trade internally with our market making team while others use IMC’s execution systems to trade directly with the market. IMC’s offices are in the heart of Sydney, and outside of work colleagues are able to take full advantage of the city’s world-famous lifestyle and climate.