Are you in your final year of a relevant degree (e.g. Mathematics, Econometrics, Engineering or a related field of study) and studying at a university in the UK? Do you want to learn more about trading at IMC? Participate in our UK Masterclass Trading on October 22th in London. 

During this masterclass you will discover the world of high frequency trading and technology at IMC. You will learn more about trading and market making through several lectures and market making games. Next to this, you will challenge yourself in a trading simulation and discuss trading strategies with our traders. 

What you can expect: 
•    Lectures to learn more about the world of high frequency trading and technology at IMC
•    Trading simulation in Python based on real-world data  
•    Q&A’s to meet with our traders/engineers and learn more about working at IMC
•    Free lunch, drinks and snacks

The event will be held on the 22nd of October in London from 10:00 until 18:00. We expect you to travel to the location yourself (travel costs will be reimbursed). Please bring your own laptop to the event for the trading simulation. 

Excited to join our UK Masterclass? Apply now or read more information on the application process below.

About IMC

IMC was founded in 1989 by two traders working on the floor of the Amsterdam Equity Options Exchange.

While today’s industry is highly automated, back then trading was executed on the exchange floor by traders manually calculating the price to buy or sell. IMC was among the first to spot the importance of technology and innovation in the evolution of market making and invested early, helping shape the future of trading. That entrepreneurial spirit and innovative culture still drives IMC, which stands for International Marketmaker’s Combination. In 30 years we’ve grown internationally, trading primarily on the basis of data and algorithms, and using our execution platform to provide liquidity to financial markets globally.