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Ready to become a world-class trader? You’ve come to the right place
IMC’s world-renowned Trading School is designed for fresh graduates taking their first steps into the fast-paced world of financial markets. 

Over seven weeks and two cities, trainees gain a firm grounding in how financial markets work and what it means to be a trader at IMC. You don’t need to bring existing industry experience or financial knowhow: we’ll teach you everything there is to know and more!

Guided by experienced IMC traders, you’ll start building your knowledge through our own proprietary trading simulation exercises. Our trainers will then walk you through the fundamentals of trading theory, including our specialist field of options trading. 

During the next step of the program, you’ll gain a thorough introduction to IMC’s trading systems from those who know them best – our experienced traders and engineers. Then, to finish, you’ll put your newfound knowledge to the test on a challenging group project.

What's next?

This is just the start of your training experience at IMC. After completing the Trading School, you’ll return to your home office to continue your learning and development through a structured local training program.

After several intense weeks, we’ll have a clear idea of your skills and interests, and how your IMC career could take shape. In short, you’ll be ready to join one of our specialist trading teams – and begin focusing on a specific product, market, or trading strategy.

From here on, your training will all be done on the desk, as experienced colleagues show you the ropes and help you take the final steps toward becoming a fully-fledged IMC trader. 

Do you have what it takes to succeed as a trader at IMC? Take the next step – scroll down and apply for one our graduate positions.

An overview of our Trading School