Are you in your final year of a technical or quantitative study? Do you want to experience how you can use your skills as a trader or a technologist? Participate in our online, two day trading & technology courses.

Keen to learn more about trading or technology at IMC? 

IMC trades many financial instruments using a range of approaches. Which means we need different kinds of traders to make things happen. From quantitative minds most comfortable on the mathematical side of trading, to operations-orientated go-getters who are in their element when chatting with brokers over the phone, we’ve got a spot for everyone.

All our traders share one thing in common: they love nothing more than solving complex problems. Their insights into global events, fluctuations in the market and pricing ensure we always trade when and where we need to.

And technology isn’t just a department at IMC – it’s at the core of everything we do. Ever since the late 80s, we’ve been pioneering the use of technology to advance market-making and low-latency trading. Today, our technologists work alongside IMC traders in mixed teams to make sure we’re always pushing the limits of what’s possible – and then taking it one step further. Short feedback loops in a fast-paced environment like ours mean projects pitched in the morning can enter production the next day.

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To apply, just upload your CV, take our online assessment, complete a simple ten-minute online video interview and join one of our online courses.
And that’s not all! During the course, if we feel you’d be an asset to one of our teams, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of fast-tracked recruitment.

IMC Trading & Technology Courses

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Quantitative Trading Course

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Discover the role quantitative trading plays at IMC and show what you're worth in our trading simulation.

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Cryptocurrency Trading Course

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Learn all about trading crypto and participate in a NFT-based trading game.

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Technology in Trading Course

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Learn about the important role tech plays in trading through online lectures and interactive content.


“I applied for the business course to find out if working as a trader at IMC would be something for me. When it was announced that the two-day program would be virtual, I was afraid it would be difficult to get a real sense of what the company was like. Luckily, the business course team made sure to focus extensively on both the technical aspects of IMC, as well as the social aspect. The lectures, in combination with an intense but fun trading simulation competition, were a great introduction to the technological approach that IMC takes to trading. The Q&A sessions with a young trader and IMC’s managing director were really helpful in learning about the company culture and life as a trader. After two exciting days, I decided that I wanted to proceed to the last round of the application process at IMC, and I was very happy to be able to sign my contract for the position of Graduate Trader exactly one week after the end of the business course!”

Dirk Risselada, Graduate Trader at IMC
slide 1 of 1“For me personally IMC is more than just work. So many clever and great people to spend time with, both during and outside of working hours. At IMC we have fun and truly do things together!” Dorine van der Schalk, Talent Acquisition bij IMC Trading

About IMC

IMC was founded in 1989 by two traders working on the floor of the Amsterdam Equity Options Exchange.

While today’s industry is highly automated, back then trading was executed on the exchange floor by traders manually calculating the price to buy or sell. IMC was among the first to spot the importance of technology and innovation in the evolution of market making and invested early, helping shape the future of trading. That entrepreneurial spirit and innovative culture still drives IMC, which stands for International Marketmaker’s Combination. In 30 years we’ve grown internationally, trading primarily on the basis of data and algorithms, and using our execution platform to provide liquidity to financial markets globally.