How to stand out

Be positive!
It is important to approach interviews with an optimistic mindset even though you may face challenging questions. The more outspoken you are, and the more potential solutions you see, the more our interview team can offer guidance.

We want to know how you think
Interviews are not just about giving the right answer. We’re much more interested in your approach to a complex problem - especially topics that may be unfamiliar to you. The interview stations are designed to be challenging and fun so relax and enjoy the process, and do keep asking questions and seeking clarification if necessary.

Do your homework
We want to understand more about you, your motivations and your interest in trading and technology. So do take the time to find out about IMC and to explain your motivation for wanting to solve challenging problems in the financial markets.

First interview
Initial interviews tend to be technical and are mostly conducted by the hiring team. After a short introduction, we’ll dive into the technical side, and your experience and skills. If you completed a home assignment, you should expect us to refer to your work. In most cases, the confirmation mail will explain what to expect at the interview. Please make sure to invest time in preparation if we ask for it, as it will help you during the interview. During your first round you will have the opportunity for an office tour, and to meet some of our recent graduates.

Final round
Your final round, or ‘Super Day’, is a series of stations, each intended to challenge you. You will be told the structure and what to expect, and for some roles there will be some pre-reading. You will also be asked to complete a personality questionnaire, which serves as one of the inputs for one of your assessment stations. As always, we’ll support you throughout the process.