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What to expect from a 
​​​​​​​career in trading

At the world's most innovative trading firm
If you’re a natural problem solver who enjoys a fast-paced, results-driven work environment, trading at IMC is a fantastic career option. Our traders work at the cutting edge of financial markets, managing the execution of complex trading portfolios while expanding their knowledge of the financial ecosystem. 

Global markets are always changing, so you’ll have to keep up the pace. But this variety is exactly why our traders love working here – when every day is different, it keeps things fresh! Our trading roles feature plenty of opportunities for international travel, a flexible career path aligned with your developing skillset – and of course, we offer a highly competitive trading career salary. 

Why IMC is a great place to launch your trading career

Over three decades, IMC has helped to build and shape countless trading careers. Our early focus on automated trading in the late 1980s helped to shape the future of the industry, and our entrepreneurial spirit and innovative culture have kept us ahead of the curve since then.  

By joining IMC, you’ll position yourself at the forefront of the latest technological developments, applying your considerable brainpower to the next generation of financial instruments. And you’ll be joining a company that’s growing fast: we’re forecast to double in size in the next three years. 

We pride ourselves on creating a collaborative and supportive work environment: our traders work in cross-functional teams, pooling their expertise with that of engineers and developers to find the best solution. At every stage, you’ll find your colleagues are keen to help – and you’ll also have a dedicated mentor to guide you. When reflecting on our culture, one of our traders summed it up perfectly: “No one knows everything, but everyone knows something.” 

What trading career options are on offer? 
At IMC, we offer a range of trading career pathways. Here is a snapshot of some of the possible routes you could take:

Quantitative trading career: IMC’s quant traders apply mathematical and quantitative methods to evaluate financial markets, identifying trading opportunities and calculating risks.

Market making: calculating cross-correlations to mitigate inventory risk and using high-frequency strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Valuation-based market making / trading: with a focus on worldwide index options, we leverage our world-class technology and trading expertise to run valuation-based trading strategies.

Wherever you start, you’ll be given scope to shape your own path and explore the work that really interests you. Trading careers at IMC are also highly mobile, and you’ll be able to move between roles as you grow with us.

What’s a typical trading career path at IMC?

If you’re joining us as a graduate, your IMC journey begins with a seven-week global trading traineeship run by our seasoned traders and technologists, during which you’ll join new hires from all three IMC regions. 

This is followed by two months of further training at your local office. Where you go after that is up to you – we’ll help you carve out your own niche as you use your creativity to explore new opportunities in our markets. 

Of course, we love to welcome experienced hires as well. If you’ve already worked in a trading environment, you won’t need to attend the IMC traineeship, but can go straight into the fray and start solving problems!

Whether you’re a seasoned market maker or a graduate starting out on your quantitative trading career, everyone at IMC is given scope to shape their own path. There’s no one route to success! You can switch between different teams until you really find your niche, take the opportunity to work at different international offices, or even help us establish an office in a new location. 

Wherever your talents can go furthest – that’s where IMC wants you to go!